Kiwi Herring (2018) - soprano and piano

Text by Brynn Bogert

Two Rossetti Settings
(2018) - countertenor and piano
I. catch at hope
II. After Death

Text by Christina Rossetti

The Waste Land: Part 1 (2018) - mezzo-soprano and guitar
Commissioned and premiered by the dream songs project

Text by T. S. Eliot

Shadow Carved Sky (2018) - 6 flutes (picc.3cfl.afl.bfl) and 3 sopranos

Captain of My Soul (2018) - song for baritone and piano
Commissioned and premiered by Eric Broker, baritone

Text by William Ernest Henley

Out of the Sickroom (2017) - song cycle for mezzo-soprano and piano
Commissioned and premiered by Alyssa Anderson, mezzo

Text by William Shakespeare and Charles Bukowski

Inter-Are (2017) - SSAATTBB chorus a capella (with divisi)

Text by Thich Nhat Hanh

Moon Phases (2016) - lever harp and narration

  1. Orbit and Rotation

  2. Lunation

  3. New Moon

  4. Quarter Moon

  5. Perigee and Apogee

  6. Full Moon

Sopio in Memoria (2014) - soprano and harp


Sickness Unto Death: A Musical Monodrama (2017) - flute, harp, and pre-recorded electronics (1 performer)

  1. Prelude: and here are trees

  2. Despair is the sickness unto death

  3. Pain, as birds

  4. Lovesong

  5. Interlude Disperazione

  6. The Wasteland

  7. The Myth of Sisyphus

  8. How to Kill a Hummingbird

How to Kill a Hummingbird: Meditation on Depression, Anxiety, and Happiness (2017) - solo harp

At the end of time there is... (2015) - solo alto flute and pre-recorded electronics 

Haunted Cathedral (2014) - solo prepared harp

this bleak world (2014) - solo amplified alto flute


chamber (Instrumental)

Dusty Turnstiles (2019) - oboe and cello
Commissioned by Keve Wilson, oboe

the difference between (2019) - flute, cello, and piano
Commissioned and premiered by KnoxTrio

Four Elements (2019) - flute and harp
I. Water (Homage to Pauline Oliveros)
II. Wind (Homage to Shulamit Ran)
III. Fire (Homage to Kaija Saariaho)
IV. Earth (Homage to Katherine Hoover)
Commissioned and premiered by Karen Baumgartner and Mallory McHenry

How To Love A Hummingbird (2018) - harp and 3 or more performers

Two Pieces (2013, rev. 2017) - flute, clarinet, and piano

  1. Pastorale (for Sarah)

  2. Ya'arburnee (May You Bury Me)

Fantasy on Amazing Grace (2015) - harp trio
Commissioned and premiered by the St. Olaf Harp Trio

Two Poems for Woodwind Quintet (2015) - flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, horn

  1. Summer died last night, alone

  2. Freakshow, c. 1952

Crossovers (2015) - Two flutes and harp